Building for our Future

Ever wonder what lies behind the development of a city?

Since the dawn of industrial age, communities established essential systems that everyone uses on a daily basis. Much of these structures include water, sewer and sanitation, electric power, and yes, roads . We rely on these resources and expect them to function for us. Whether we are driving on a road or running a faucet to clean dishes, it is established through the infrastructures we maintain and develop.

However, these tasks can be challenging, time consuming and delays can occur.

This year the City broke ground on eight construction projects. The total investment of the projects is 19 million dollars. Of that 19 million dollars, half was funded by non-City sources.

The projects include construction of an amphitheater and splash pad at Riverside Park, road, streetscape and water service improvements in the downtown corridor (Auburn Road), road improvements at Giddings Road, Hamlin Road, North Squirrel Road, and Walton Boulevard. Lastly a bridge, road, and water service improvements at Opdyke Road.

Construction Project Stats


All of these projects were undertaken to enhance City services by maintaining our infrastructure, and providing for the safety for all those that live, work, and/or play in Auburn Hills.

For more information about the 2018 construction projects, please contact the Department of Public Works by email at:, or by phone at: (248) 391-3777.

If you’re interested in getting more involved, consider joining one of our Boards or Commissions.



Aaron Stahly, Deputy Director for the Department of Public Works

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