Elevating the Standard of Safety in Auburn Hills

Employee safety is of the utmost importance here at the City, and we go to great lengths to make sure our staff and our residents, are safe every time they step foot on our campus. As a local municipality that operates within today’s social climate, anything can happen at a moments notice. Whether it be a work-related injury or a mass shooting, we want to make sure that we are prepared. 

Last week, our staff took part in a “Stop the Bleed” training conducted by our Police and Fire Departments, along with guest speaker Anita Barksdale from St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Trauma Services. According to Stop the Bleed, the City of Auburn Hills is among the first municipality to offer and have all of its employees be fully taught within the program as a city-wide effort.

The motto of the day was, “Don’t be a bystander, react.” The entire presentation was focused on how taking action can significantly change the direction of a severe bleeding situation, and ultimately save the life of you or a co-worker.

Members of staff were educated on what to look for in the event of a life-threatening bleed, steps to take during a major event, and how to use bleeding control equipment such as a tourniquet or other resources to be used, if the gear is not available. Most importantly, employees were empowered to help in the event of a bleeding emergency until professional help arrives. As a part of our emergency preparedness and planning initiative, we will be placing “Stop the Bleed” kits throughout our City campus. We value having trained staff during any unexpected situation, and look to accomplish this training for our community as well.

If you are interested in this type of training or bleeding control kits, you may contact our Community Engagement Officer, Brian Miller at 248-364-6887 or email him at bmiller@auburnhills.org. You can also visit www.bleedingcontrol.org to learn more about the Stop the Bleed program.

Update on 3/18/2019: Bleeding Control Kits were installed throughout our city campus as a part of our city emergency preparedness initiative.

Torri Mathes, Media Communications Specialist

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