Oakland County Turns 200

Few educators leave a lifetime impression on you like Dr. Richard Stamps, retired professor from Oakland University with whom I took a class somewhere around 1987.  This morning he came to see me about the Oakland County Bicentennial Celebration that is taking place all year long. 

Auburn Hills is one of sixty-two proud communities that co-exist in the county and Dr. Stamps is doing his part to promote this milestone.  At the very least, Auburn Hills will begin to recognize the bicentennial with some co-branding initiatives, but you will also find us adding an Oakland County 200th birthday influence to some of our events and activities in 2020. 

Our staff will be meeting soon to begin to formulate ideas about how we will celebrate the county’s 200th birthday locally.  Keep an eye out for special events that will be occurring throughout Oakland County all year long.

 The latest information for 200th birthday happenings can be found at www.oakgov.com/bicentennial

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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