Dashboards as a Data Visualization Tool

This past August, the DPW held their annual Household Hazardous Waste Day Event, as Dean mentioned in a previous Inside Auburn Hills blog. We received a spreadsheet report from the vendor about the amount of waste that was collected, as well as other details. As we all know, spreadsheets are great for reporting purposes, but how can we visually see the data? Using Dashboards for ArcGIS, the department was able to do just that-visualize the data.

Firstly, we prepped and imported the spreadsheet into ArcGIS online. Then we opened a new dashboard and added widgets representing the information in the report. The video below shows how we set up one of the serial chart widgets.

Click the picture below to see the final dashboard showing all the waste collected. Using these types of data visualization tools helps us to plan for future events!

Nichole Bowman, GIS/Asset Management Specialist

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