A city within a city – right here in Auburn Hills

I recently visited the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) headquarters complex here in Auburn Hills, and complex it is.  I’ve been with the City for nearly seventeen years, but never got to see some of the things I saw recently when I toured with a couple of executives from the company.  

Also representing the City was Mayor McDaniel, Council Members Kittle, Knight and Verbeke, and Assistant City Manager Don Grice.  The most fascinating part was the wind tunnel which generates up to a 160 mph wind for vehicle testing.  

The building, which covers an expansive 5.4 million square feet, is only second to the Pentagon in size.  In addition to the amazing work that is conducted in all of the parts of the building by 15,000 professionals each and every day, the property itself offers some pretty amazing views and amenities.  

Special thanks to Christine Estereicher and Shane Karr from FCA for arranging this very informative tour and for giving us their valuable time.  We are certainly honored to continue to have FCA call Auburn Hills home.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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