An Educated Work Force is a Safe Work Force

On Wednesday March 27, The Auburn Hill’s DPW spent the day being trained on confined space entry. Confined space training helps our workers understand what constitutes as a confined space, as well as, increase awareness on the hazards that one can expect to find in a confined space.

Knowing what to do before you enter a confined space, what to watch for while you are in that confined space, and how to get out safely results in fewer injuries and more lives saved.

What is considered a confined space?

A confined space is an area that has limited space, and limited openings for entry and exit. Examples of confined space our team work in include; manholes, tunnels, silos, and access shafts. These spaces are only to be occupied for short periods of time and always while taking necessary precautions.

Our employees spent the day learning about confined space hazards, personal protective equipment, and the use of our air monitoring equipment.  The more comfortable our employees are with all the given solutions to potential hazards, the more likely they will be to use them quickly and efficiently when faced with a dangerous or distressing situation.

Mark Michling, Manager of Public Utilities

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