Talking Trash – Change in Waste Hauler Coming in 2022

On Monday evening, May 17, 2021, City Council approved a change to our citywide waste hauler after a months-long Request for Proposals process was conducted by members of City Staff, as well as City Council.  The result is a change in vendors from Waste Management to GFL starting January, 2022, when the current contract with Waste Management expires. 

While the City has been pleased with the services of Waste Management, the bid process produced pricing from GFL that will reduce the cost of waste collection to our residents.  GFL is no stranger to the waste hauling business and provides services to a number of our neighboring communities.  Since we are months out from the changeover, we thought at this time it would be important to simply let our residents know of the change that will occur.  However, more information will be shared in the months ahead leading to the transition which will include details about the new vendor, the services it will offer, as well as the pricing information.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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