Great Opportunity for Homebound Auburn Hills Seniors!


My name is Kathy Guest, and I am an intern from the Exercise Science program at Oakland Community College. Would you or someone you know be interested to participate in a pilot program for four months? Some of the goals of the program are to introduce exercise, track nutrition, and communicate with other participants. This opportunity comes from a grant awarded to us from M-Parks (Michigan Recreation and Parks Association). This type of activity has so many health benefits. It will be designed just for you to have fun and discover some new healthy daily routines.

This program is the brain child of our Senior Services Director, Karen Adcock. We are so excited to see it get off the ground!   Improved quality of life, more mobility, enhanced well-being, it’s all a part of the benefits of being a senior in the City of Auburn Hills!

We have been granted the use of Microsoft Tablets. Use of the Tablet could include informational videos and provide the ability to communicate with other participants. We cheerfully offer 100% support and assistance with the use of the Tablets. Absolutely no experience necessary! This is going to be a fun and engaging experience for you or someone you know!

Here are some of the criteria for the program. We hope you or someone you know may be a candidate to participate in this long-awaited opportunity:

  • Any person over the age of the 55, that is qualified as homebound due to a disability or chronic condition that inhibits their mobility and/or their ability to move freely on their own.
  • Qualifying individuals will have one or more of the following: chronic disease, limited mobility, lowered range of motion, diminished socialization or depression.
  • Must have primary physician’s permission to participate.
  • Must be willing to participate in the pre and post assessments.
  • Must be willing to exercise and participate for the four month period.
  • Must be willing to keep logs to track steps, nutrition and exercise. (You will be given a pedometer to help you record your steps.)
  • Must be willing to receive weekly visits from a City of Auburn Hills intern and/or employee from the Senior Services Department.
  • Must be willing to communicate with other participants in the program by phone, Skype, text or email.
  • Agree to use the city owned electronic-equipment that will be provided only for the homebound program. This equipment will be returned to the city once the program is completed.

Please feel free to contact Deb Colling, our City of Auburn Hills Senior Services Health and Wellness Coordinator, any time if you have questions or would like more information. You can reach her at 248-370-9353 or email her at

Fun Facts!

Did you know we are an AARP-WHO Livable Community?

Did you know we are also a “Community for All Ages and Abilities?”

Have you heard of the 6 Dimensions of Wellness? Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual and Occupational.

Kathy Guest, Intern


  1. Yes Kathy I would be interested. I have a small Day Care in AH and believe that my participants would greatly benefit from your program. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jackie


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